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- From aromatic apple quince and sweet pear quince - we process the sun yellow quinces immediately after delivery in our cider factory - refreshing as a spritzer, wonderfully suitable for quince jelly - in Demeter quality: good for vital floors, pure air, clean water and for you

6 x Voelkel quince, 0.7l

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Demeter for humans and nature holistic management in the circulation, the vitalization of the soil through biodynamic preparations and the careful handling of humans, animals and plants - this is what Demeter stands for. Together with our cultivation partners, we work with nature and not against them. We shape the future for four generations We, as a Demeter and organic pioneer, believe in a life in harmony with nature. Their diversity gives us the fruits and inspiration for our delicious juices. With our common good -oriented foundation, we are therefore committed to preserving and grandchildren.

Voelkel Quince Juice, Demeter Organic, 0.7L