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6 x Voelkel organic syrup ginger, 0.5l

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Are you tired of the same old boring drinks? Want to add some excitement to your sips? Look no further than Voelkel Organic Syrup Ginger! This delectable syrup is crafted from the finest biodynamic ingredients and is sure to give your taste buds a little kick.

With a blend of ginger, lemon, thyme, juniper, and hops, Voelkel Organic Syrup Ginger offers a truly unique taste sensation that's both aromatic and delicately fermented. It's the perfect mixer for your favorite cocktails, or you can even enjoy it straight up over ice. And on those chilly days, why not sip it warm for a fragrant and delicious beverage?

This syrup is made with 27% pure ginger juice, 8% lemon juice, and 4% lemon fruit mark, offering the perfect balance of bright citrus and spicy heat. Plus, with fair trade ingredients, you can feel good about your purchase too!

So why settle for boring drinks when you can add some excitement with Voelkel Organic Syrup Ginger? Just mix it 1:3 with water for a refreshing and delicious drink that's sure to please. Order your bottle today and get ready to enjoy a whole new level of sipping pleasure!

Organic Ginger Syrup - Excite Your Sips with Voelkel!