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The Demeter apples are pressed directly into bottles immediately after the Erntesegen and filled directly into bottles without intermediate storage. The taste achieved is unique.

6 x Voelkel Margret & Karl Voelkel apple juice, 0.7l

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Hey there! Are you craving for a delicious and refreshing apple juice that's not only tasty but supports sustainable agriculture? Look no further because Voelkel's Margret & Karl apple juice is here to satisfy both your taste buds and conscience.

Crafted from crunchy Demeter apples harvested straight from the tree and pressed to perfection, this juice packs a punch of pure natural flavor that will transport you back to our founders' roots over a century ago. At Voelkel, we believe in ecological agriculture as the only way to sustain our environment. That's why we prioritize healthy farms, clean water, biological diversity, and most importantly, healthy soil in all of our cultivation projects.

Margret and Karl, the founders of the Natural Duke, discovered the wonders of biodynamic agriculture way back in 1924. Today, we continue to practice sustainable farming and support farmers who want to make the switch to biodynamic cultivation. But enough about that, let’s talk taste!

Picture yourself savoring a glass of cold, crisp apple juice that's bursting with flavor. With Voelkel's Margret & Karl apple juice, that's exactly what you'll get. And unlike other brands, we don't add any artificial flavors or preservatives; it's just pure, natural indulgence that will make your taste buds sing.

So why not add a few bottles of Voelkel's Margret & Karl apple juice to your cart today? You'll not only satisfy your cravings but also support sustainable agriculture. It's a win-win situation!

Voelkel Margret & Karl Apple Juice - Sustainable and Delicious