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The ingredients for this special recipe were selected carefully and in the best possible harmony with nature. This green composition combines the intense taste of beetroot with hearty kale and spinach.

6 x Voelkel green smoothie beetroot kale spinach, 0.25l

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Indulge yourself in a divine experience with Voelkel's Green Smoothie Beetroot Kale Spinach. This exquisite blend boasts a captivating harmony of nature's finest ingredients, meticulously handpicked to bring out the best in each other. Every sip of this concoction is a journey to the heart of green, a place where only the freshest, most wholesome produce reigns supreme.

Through the expert and traditional production methods of Voelkel, this captivating green explosion delivers more than just a delicious taste. It stands by a mission statement that advocates for a responsible and sustainable approach to our natural resources, fair partnerships with the planet's guardians, and the avoidance of GMOs in all aspects of production.

The malty, earthy tones of kale merge seamlessly with the sharp and sweet flavor of beetroot, while the gentle crunch of spinach contrasts blissfully with the luscious texture of apple juice and mango marks. This heavenly blend is perfect for nourishment on the go or as a refreshing break in your day.

Voelkel's Green Smoothie Beetroot Kale Spinach is the ultimate expression of love for yourself and the environment, brought to you by the experts in demeter and organic quality production. Allow yourself to indulge guilt-free in this fruity enjoyment and feel your spirit soar.

Voelkel Green Smoothie Beetroot Kale Spinach - Organic and Delicious