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Fair iced tea in Demeter quality sweetened with a pipe fold sugar.

6 x Voelkel fair iced tea raspberry hibiscus, 0.5l

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Fall in love with the delicate sweetness of our Voelkel fair iced tea raspberry hibiscus. As you sip on the refreshing blend of hand-harvested Demeter hibiscus flowers and rooibos tea, feel the warmth of the late European summer blooming inside you.

The bright and beautiful hibiscus flowers that adorn many gardens during this season are the stars of our iced tea. Sourced from our cultivation partner Sekem, founded by the extraordinary Dr. Ibrahim Aboush, this tea is a testament to the network's unparalleled ecological and fair practices. Dr. Aboush was awarded the alternative Nobel Prize in 2003, and with each purchase of our Fairsa product, you too can contribute to improving the living and working conditions of those who make it possible.

Indulge in the fruity burst of red grape and raspberry juice, perfectly balanced by the slightly tart notes of pipe fold, lemon, and elderberry juice. Savor every sip of this bio-infusion, composed of 87% natural mineral water, hibiscus flowers, and rooibos, and be comforted in the knowledge that you are supporting a good cause.

Celebrate the spirit of romance with the Voelkel fair iced tea raspberry hibiscus, and let each sip transport you to a magical garden of love and joy. Learn more about our commitment to Fairtsa at

Voelkel Fair Iced Tea Raspberry Hibiscus - Refreshing and Delightful