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6 x Voelkel beetroot ginger, 0.7l

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Indulge in the pure pleasure of 6 bottles of Voelkel beetroot ginger, 0.7l each. A symphony of nature's finest - the intense allure of Erntesegen beetroot, grown from seed-resistant seeds, and the exotic essence of aromatic Peruvian ginger, blended together to awaken your senses in a way that only the finest quality of Demeter could achieve.

We believe in supporting independent seed research and the use of ecologically produced vegetables from healthy structures, which is why our beetroot ginger is made with the best ingredients sourced from nature itself. Enriched with potassium, it covers almost 20% of the recommended daily allowance with 375mg/100ml, keeping your blood pressure in check.

With 96% fermented juice and the invigorating essence of ginger and lemon, this drink not only satisfies your thirst, but captivates your imagination. Fall in love with the goodness of nature with every sip, and join us in supporting the movement for a healthier tomorrow. Add these bottles to your basket today and be a part of a worldwide revolution for a better tomorrow.

Voelkel Beetroot Ginger Juice - Organic and Refreshing Drink