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Demeter connects our cultivation partners for decades on biodynamic preparations, the vitalization of the soil and cosmic relationships. Convinced by Demeter, they operate in the natural cycle and let man and plant, animal and soil work together.

6 x Voelkel apple carrot, 0.7l

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Looking for a delicious and nutritious thirst-quencher? Look no further than Voelkel's Apple Carrot juice! This heavenly blend of 100% direct juice brings together the best of both worlds – the fresh, sparkling taste of apples, and the sweet, aromatic flavor of biodynamically grown, seed-resistant carrots.

With 440 mcg of Vitamin A per 100 ml, this juice packs a serious nutritional punch, covering 55% of your recommended daily intake. Vitamin A is essential for maintaining normal eyesight and supporting a healthy immune system, so you can sip happy knowing you're doing your body good.

And the best part? It's all-natural and organic, with no added sugars or junk. So go ahead and treat yourself to a refreshing glass of Voelkel Apple Carrot juice – your body will thank you!

Organic Voelkel Apple Carrot Juice - Nutritious and Delicious!