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Our organic hot kitchen fried and baking oil is a valuable, pure sunflower oil from German organic cultivation. It is particularly highly heated because of the high proportion of oleic acid and deliberately tasteless for the full aroma folding of all dishes.

Vitaquell hot kitchen fried and back oil organic, 0.5l

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Introducing our Vitaquell Hot Kitchen Fried and Baking Oil - the perfect partner for all your cooking and baking needs! Made from pure, organic sunflower oil harvested from German cultivation, this valuable ingredient is a must-have in your kitchen arsenal.

With its high proportion of oleic acid, our hot kitchen oil can withstand high temperatures, making it the perfect choice for frying and baking. And because we've made it tasteless, you can add it to any dish without altering the flavor profile.

But that's not all! With every bottle purchased, we donate 10 cents to the Mittagskinder Foundation. This amazing organization helps children in need by providing them with healthy meals, educational support, and childcare services. So not only are you investing in your own culinary mastery, but you're also helping make a positive impact in your community.

And let's not forget about mayonnaise! Our Hot Kitchen Fried and Baking Oil is the ideal choice for making your own delicious mayo right at home. So why not switch to organic, and make a difference in more ways than one? Try Vitaquell Hot Kitchen Fried and Baking Oil today!

Organic Hot Kitchen Fried & Baking Oil - Vitaquell