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Vitaquell organic coconut oil mild is obtained from the pure, white coconut meat. Then it is gently steamed to obtain a coconut oil that is neutral and tasteless.

3 x Vitaquell coconut oil organic mild, 215ml

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Introducing the finest organic coconut oil that will elevate your cooking game - Vitaquell coconut oil organic mild! Packed with amazing health benefits, this coconut oil is a must-have in your kitchen.

High in saturated fatty acids, particularly lauric acid (45%), this coconut oil is solid at cooler temperatures and forms beautiful white pearls. When heated slightly over 26°C, it takes on a subtle, slightly foggy hue, but still maintains its nutrient properties.

This mild coconut oil is perfect for all your cooking needs - from roasting to baking and frying, it adds a delicate flavour to your dishes. Plus, it preserves the natural taste of your ingredients, giving your creations that authentic, home-cooked taste.

Our Vitaquell coconut oil organic mild is also certified organic, ensuring that the product is chemical-free and sustainably sourced. We are proud to offer this product in a convenient 215ml size, perfect for everyday use.

Elevate your cooking game with Vitaquell coconut oil organic mild - the must-have ingredient for every health-conscious, flavour-driven chef!

3 x Vitaquell coconut oil organic mild, 215ml