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Vitaquell, native organic coconut oil is gently pressed from the pure, white coconut meat. This presents the exotic taste and smell of coconuts.

Vitaquell coconut oil bio native, 860ml

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Are you looking for a delicious and organic alternative to traditional cooking oils? Look no further! Introducing Vitaquell Coconut Oil Bio Native - the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Our coconut oil is gently pressed from pure, dried coconut meat, with a maximum temperature of 40°C to ensure its suitability for raw food nutrition. With no refining process, our organic coconut oil retains its delicious and exotic taste and smell, transporting your taste buds straight to the tropics.

Containing mostly saturated fatty acids, including lauric acid, our coconut oil is firm at temperatures below 23°C and snow white in appearance. As temperatures rise, it becomes more fluid and develops a slightly foggy color - perfect for frying up some light and tasty dishes.

Not only is this coconut oil a great addition to your kitchen, it is also traditionally used for skin and hair care. So, indulge yourself in the goodness of our organic coconut oil from Vitaquell.

Add Vitaquell Coconut Oil Bio Native to your cart today and experience the exotic flavors of the tropics with every meal.

Vitaquell Organic Coconut Oil - Exotic Taste for Cooking and Beauty