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Vitaquell, native organic coconut oil is gently pressed from the pure, white coconut meat. This presents the exotic taste and smell of coconuts.

3 x Vitaquell coconut oil bio native, 215ml

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Vitaquell native organic coconut oil is gently pressed from the pure, dried coconut meat. Max. Temperatures of 40 ° C are created, so that the oil is suitable for raw food nutrition. After that, no refining, i.e. there is no bleaching or deodorization. As a result, the delicious, exotic taste and smell of fresh coconuts remains. Of course, the organic coconut oil is not hardened. The oil contains mostly saturated fatty acids, especially lauric acid. Therefore, coconut oil is firm at temperatures below 23 ° C, snow white and forms white pearls. It is fluid by slightly or at over 26 ° C and receives a slightly foggy color. Ideal for exotic cuisine, fry and cheeks are suitable for light, since coconut oil is heat -stable. Coconut oil is solid at temperatures up to 25 ° C and is fluid by slightly heated. Our tip: coconut oil is traditionally also used for skin and hair care. Native coconut oil*

Vitaquell Organic Coconut Oil - Exotic Taste, Raw Food Nutrition