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The Rosemary hair care for fine hair has a spicy fragrance after the eponymous rosemary. Rosemary oil has a blood circulation and strengthens fine hair, aloe vera and glycerin with moisture.

Urtekram Rosemary Shampoo, 250ml

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Introducing the Urtekram Rosemary Shampoo, a luxurious treat for your precious locks. The gentle aroma of rosemary will transport you to a land of sweet serenity, while the rich formula nourishes and revitalizes your hair.

With a simple tilt of the closure, the shampoo manifests itself in your hand, ready to work its magic on your wet tresses. Close your eyes and enjoy the feel of the frothy lather as it envelops every strand, leaving behind nothing but pure bliss.

When you're done, rinse away the foam and open your eyes to behold the radiance that once lay hidden beneath. With regular use, this shampoo will strengthen and protect your hair from root to tip, giving you a mane that's nothing short of breathtaking.

Don't let your hair go another day without the divine touch of Urtekram Rosemary Shampoo. The tipping cap ensures your shampoo stays protected and ready for its next romantic rendezvous with your senses. Try it today and let your hair bask in the glory of true love.

Urtekram Rosemary Shampoo - Nourishing Hair Care for Radiant Locks