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The gentle power of the marigold maintains the hair and the delicate scalp of children particularly mild and without additional fragrances. In order to avoid nodules in the hair and not unnecessarily strain the scalp, we recommend the use of our Calendula Leave-in spray rinsing. In addition to the calendula, the shampoo protects and maintains with a vegetable squalene, a valuable and effective moisturizing dispenser that does not have a fatty effect and is therefore ideal for the gentle care of the hair.

Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula, 500 ml

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Indulge your little one's precious locks in the delicate embrace of nature's gentlest ingredients with Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula. Infused with the soulful essence of marigold, this exquisite shampoo breathes life into your child's hair without any added fragrances. The supple touch of vegetable squalene caresses each strand providing a nourishing moisture that never leaves hair greasy or heavy.

Created with tender love and care, Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula is the perfect daily shampoo, appearing as a ray of sunshine with the power to untangle knots with ease. Pair it with our Calendula Leave-in Spray Rinsing to create an unbreakable bond that will leave your child's tresses feeling vibrant, silky, and soft to the touch.

Embrace simplicity, the Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula is certified by Ecocert according to the Cosmos Organic Standard. Experience the tranquility of our all-natural, vegan products made with valuable natural ingredients from Denmark. Give your child's hair the royal treatment it deserves, and you'll see the fresh, lush results for yourself. Simply take a hazelnut-sized amount and let the magic of Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula transform your child's hair.

Urtekram Children's Shampoo Calendula - Natural, Vegan Hair Care