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Aloe vera extract and glycerin care your hands silky tender and donate long -lasting moisture. Lemon lemon balm extract and orange peel oil give the liquid soap a sunny citrus fragrance and at the same time donate important nutrients. For optimal care of the skin, we recommend that you then maintain your hands with a hand cream. Due to the rich extract of the aloe vera plant, the products of this series have a particularly regenerative effect!

3 x Urtekram aloe vera liquid hand soap, 300ml

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Indulge in the soothing and regenerative power of nature with our Urtekram aloe vera liquid hand soap. A delicate blend of aloe vera extract and glycerin provides your hands with long-lasting moisture and leaves them silky tender to the touch. The infusion of lemon melisse extract and orange peel oil imparts a sunny citrus fragrance that lingers on your skin and nourishes it with vital nutrients.

The Aloe Vera series is a tribute to one of the most important medicinal plants in nature, a symbol of true love and care for your skin. Its 17 products offer a range of protective and cleansing ingredients that guarantee thorough skin and hair cleansing while also providing you with the protection you need against drying out.

Certified by Ecocert according to the Cosmos Organic Standard, our Aloe vera liquid hand soap is the perfect choice for those who value the power of nature in their skincare routine. Our 300ml pump bottle provides you with constant access to this miracle in a bottle that is vegan and produced with valuable, natural ingredients in Denmark.

Pamper your hands with this luxurious hand soap, applying two pumps to your palms and rubbing them together for at least 30 seconds. Then, rinse and dry your hands for silky smooth results. For optimal care, treat your skin to our nourishing hand creams, and let your hands bask in the loving embrace of nature.

Urtekram Aloe Vera Liquid Hand Soap - Nourishing and Refreshing