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Pita is popular. The flatbread is quickly finished and you can fill it well with tahin, hummus, pesto and your favorite vegetables and salad. Easy if you want to enjoy a quick and healthy lunch!

3 x Terrasana Pita, 280g

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You can fill Pita rolls in endlessly many ways with wonderful vegetables, delicatessen and any spices. So you can enjoy a wonderfully delicious organic roll and make conscious decisions at the same time. These parish pockets are made in a traditional way of lemeal, i.e. sifted whole grain wheat flour. Wonderfully aromatic and after roasting with a delicious crispy structure. Wonderful, for example with hummus and pesto. Also available in spelled. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Moisten the pitas with a little water. Bake in 3 minutes. Even faster: toast in a toaster in 2 minutes. Then fill with your favorite spread, vegetables and legumes. Wheat flour*, water, whole grain wheat flour*, yeast, sea salt

Organic Terrasana Pita Rolls - Delicious and Nutritious