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Razor -preparing care to support skin -friendly, smooth electric shell. The beard is gently set up. With relaxing lavender oil and essential oils. Contains the unique extract of the high alpine speech plant from controlled biological game collection (KBW).

Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion, 100ml

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Introducing the ultimate solution to a smooth and comfortable electric shave - Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion, now available on our Shopify store! This specially formulated razor-preparing care is designed to support skin-friendly shaving that leaves you with a super-soft and irritation-free finish.

Enriched with the relaxing benefits of lavender oil and essential oils, this lightweight lotion also contains a unique extract from the high alpine Speick plant, sourced from controlled biological game collections. This premium quality ingredient helps to gently prepare your beard and elevate your shaving experience to the next level.

Using Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion couldn't be easier. Simply apply a small amount to your hands and spread it over your chin and cheeks, working it into your skin. Allow the lotion to take effect for a brief moment, and then you're good to start shaving!

Say goodbye to rough and bumpy shaves and hello to sleek and comfortable electric shaves with Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion. Get yours today and enjoy a luxurious shaving experience like never before!

Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion - Smooth & Irritation-Free Shave Formula