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Natural razor with skin -tonizing and vitalizing magic nut extract. A refreshing-Herbe fragrance composition with essential oils, such as lavender oil and menthol, enlivens the senses. Sorbitol supplies the stressed facial skin with moisture and thus supports the skin's own hydro-lipid balance, especially after wet shaving. Each Speick product contains the unique extract of the high alpine speech plant from controlled biological game collection (KBW).

Speick Men After Shave Lotion, 100ml

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Introducing the Speick Men After Shave Lotion - your ticket to an invigorating and refreshing shaving experience! Infused with magical nut extract, this natural razor works wonders in toning and vitalizing your skin. And, with a refreshing-Herbe fragrance composition, it enlivens your senses with essential oils like lavender and menthol.

What sets this after shave lotion apart is the inclusion of sorbitol that supplies your facial skin with much-needed moisture, ensuring your skin's own hydro-lipid balance is maintained. And, that's not all! Each bottle contains the rare extract of the high alpine Speick plant, harvested from controlled biological game collection (KBW).

After you're done shaving, simply massage the Speick Men After Shave Lotion into your chin and cheeks, and let it easily soak into your skin. Its fragrance and freshness will leave you wanting more! Get yours now and experience the power of Speick Men.

Speick Men After Shave Lotion - Refreshing and Invigorating Shave