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2 x Sonnentor cheat around the world!, 50g

2 x Sonnentor cheat around the world!, 50g

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Travel the world without leaving your kitchen with Sonnentor’s "Cheat Around the World" collection of organic spice mixes. Indulge in the flavors of the rich and exotic ingredients handpicked by experienced chefs from different corners of the world.

Savor the sweet and tangy spices of nanas taboulé, a symphony of peppermint, parsley, tomatoes, lemon shells, garlic, cornflowers, marigold, onion, and sea salt. Allow your palate to be transported to Ethiopia with Habeshas Berbergewürz’s lively combination of paprika noble, ginger, coriander, garlic, basil, cassia-cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, onion, caraway, piment, and chili.

Treat yourself to the authentic taste of Indian cuisine with Shantis Tandoori Masala, a delightful blend of paprika edelsüß, ginger, turmeric, Ceylon-zim, koriatander, cassia-zim, garlic, cardamom, macis, and chili. Add a touch of umami to your rice dishes with Wong’s Rice Spice, boasting of carrots, caraway, mustard grains yellow, coriander, ginger, red beets, cassia-cinnamon, lemon shells, fennel, cornflower, and rose blossom.

Bring the taste of Mexico to your kitchen with Rodriguez's Chili Con Carne, a flavorful mix of paprika fine-sweet, tomatoes, garlic, oregano, chili fire-scoured, black pepper, caraway, lemon grass, smoked paprika, rosemary, cinnamon, and onion. Take a trip to the Mediterranean with Svens Fish Spice, a harmonious blend of parsley, thyme, basil, lovage, mustard grains yellow, lemon grass, and cornflower.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Cake & Biscuit Spice, a delightful fusion of cassia-zim, muskat, and nelken. Ignite your inner grill master with Frankie's Barbecuegewürz, featuring paprika edelsüß, tomatoes, garlic, sea salt, yysop, thymian, rosemary, majoran, black pepper, and chili. And last but not least, unlock the secrets of Hildes Herb Spread Spice, a medley of caraway, liebstöckel, parsley, galgant, lemonesthymian, basil, garlic, yysop, bean cabbage, dill, and bockshornklee.

With Sonnentor's "Cheat Around the World" collection, you can taste the world's cultures and cuisines directly on your plate. Give your taste buds the adventure of a lifetime and explore the vast and diverse world of organic spices today.

Sonnentor Organic Spice Mixes - Travel the World in Your Kitchen