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"Basically makes fun!" - treat you something good and find balance. The floral note of this herbal tea is the ideal companion for your little break.

2 x Sonnentor Basen Fastenzeit tea, 27g

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"Embark on a healthy and rejuvenating journey with our Sonnentor Basen Fastenzeit tea! Made with natural ingredients and superior quality herbs, this tea is the perfect choice for anyone looking to cleanse and detox their body. Each pack comes with 2 pouches of 27g tea, expertly blended with a range of nutritious and delicious ingredients.

Savor the refreshing and invigorating taste of lemon balm, blackberry leaves, anisysop, hazelnut leaves, nettle, strawberry leaves, and cornflowers blue, carefully selected for their natural cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Indulge in the rich aroma and take in the goodness of this special tea, perfect for those looking to improve digestion and overall well-being.

So why wait? Whether you're looking to start a new healthy routine or simply give your body the detox it deserves, our Sonnentor Basen Fastenzeit tea is the answer. Invest in your health today and experience the delightful journey towards a healthier and happier you!"

Sonnentor Basen Fastenzeit Tea: Natural Detox and Cleansing Blend