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Preventive against intestinal income and constipation.

Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Manna Feigen-Sirup, 200ml

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Indulge in the sweet and gentle touch of nature with the Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Manna Feigen-Sirup. This special syrup, a food for special medical purposes, is made with genuine manna and an aqueous extract from delectable figs. Let the exquisite Mannitol component soothe and soften with its water-binding property, providing a mild and comfortable relief to your body's natural flow. With each dose containing 3 g of Mannitol, you can tailor your individual intake to your unique needs and tolerances. And to please not only your body but also your taste buds, this syrup adds natural fig extracts for a delightful finish. It's the perfect aid for a gentle diet management in times of intestinal contracts and constipation, even amidst pregnancy or for children. Care for your wellbeing by hydrating with enriching drinks like mineral water, tea, or Schoenenberger vegetable juices, and enjoy the natural sweetness of Manna Fig-Seirup.

Schoenenberger Manna Feigen-Sirup: Natural Relief for Intestinal Health