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Naturally calms the stomach with discomfort, of course freshly pressed

Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Ginger Naturrein. Plant drinking organic, 200ml

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Looking for a delicious, natural way to ease your stomach malaise? Then you need Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Ginger Naturrein! Made from organic plants, this 200ml drink is the perfect remedy for nausea and discomfort - especially on long journeys.

Ginger has been used for over 3,000 years as a spice and natural remedy in the Far East. Even Confucius, the Chinese religious founder, seasoned all his dishes with ginger! And it’s no wonder why - ginger has a stomach-calming effect and stimulates your digestive juices, giving your stomach the boost it needs.

But ginger isn't just good for your stomach. It's also delicious! Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Ginger Naturrein has all the natural goodness and fireworks of ingredients in one tasty drink. Plus, it's made with 100% organic rootstock, so you can enjoy all the benefits of ginger without any harsh chemicals or additives.

So why wait? Add Schoenenberger® Schoenenberger Ginger Naturrein to your daily routine and feel the difference for yourself!

Organic Ginger Drink for Stomach Relief - Schoenenberger Ginger Naturrein