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Herbal Hair Tonic with bio-plant juice birch for healthy hair growth

Schoenenberger® Extrair herbs Haarwasser Cosmos, 200ml

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Looking for a way to boost your hair's health and growth? Look no further than Schoenenberger® Extrair herbs Haarwasser Cosmos! Packed with bio-plant juice birch and organic vegetable oils and extracts, this herbal hair tonic is perfect for those looking for a natural solution to hair care.

Unlike other hair products that use harmful fragrances and dyes, Schoenenberger® Extrair herbs Haarwasser Cosmos is free from any unfriendly additives. Instead, it uses emulsifiers and washing substances based on renewable raw materials to gently wash your hair without harsh chemicals.

After washing your hair as usual, just apply a small amount of this amazing tonic to your scalp and massage it in. Not only will it help dry up any excess moisture, but it will also give your scalp a gentle massage that's perfect for promoting healthy hair growth.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your hair to the natural goodness of Schoenenberger® Extrair herbs Haarwasser Cosmos today!

Schoenenberger® Extrair Herbs Hair Tonic - Natural Solution for Healthy Hair