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With Schoenenberger Bio-Spitzwegerich juice and organic aloe vera juice, the serum ensures a relaxed scalp feeling.

Schoenenberger® Dalio® Sensitive Serum Cosmos, 50ml

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Indulge in total serenity as you transform your hair care routine with the exquisite Schoenenberger® Dalio® Sensitive Serum Cosmos. Let your hair reap the full benefits of this elixir, carefully crafted to restore balance to dry and sensitive scalps. Embrace the extraordinary formula enriched with high-dose hyaluronic acid, which seamlessly infuses the scalp with divine hydration, leaving your locks revitalized and incredibly soft.

This natural gem is tenderly composed of Schoenenberger Bio Spitzwegerichsuk and Bio Aloe Vera Juice which together provide a serene feeling of tranquility to your precious scalp. The most remarkable aspect of this natural serum is its ability to unleash the breeze of the countryside by incorporating the exquisite Schoenenberger organic dandelion juice in its preparation.

The Dalio Sensitive serum is carefully designed to provide intense healing powers, while being ultra-light on your tresses, giving them unbelievable shine and bounce. Skilfully handcrafted at our manufactory near Stuttgart, this beauty is an epitome of ultimate pampering that will leave practically everyone breathless.

With our vegan-friendly exquisite pipette, applying the serum is now easier than ever. Gently massage it into your scalp, and let the calming, natural fragrance permeate your senses as it works its wonders on your hair. Glide through your day with confidence and elegance as you experience the unparalleled luxury of the Schoenenberger® Dalio® Sensitive Serum Cosmos. Explore the rest of the Dalio SensitiV range to elevate your self-care to the next level. Grasp the opportunity today and unlock your hair's hidden beauty.

Schoenenberger Dalio Sensitive Serum - Ultimate Hair Care Elixir