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for drainage and rheumatic complaints. Herbal medicine

Schoenenberger® Birch, natural cleaning of medicinal plant juice, 200ml

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Nature -purity medicinal juice birch has proven to be a natural remedy to support the treatment of rheumatic complaints. Birke is recommended together with plenty of fluid intake for diseases in which increased urine formation is desirable, including flushing therapy in the event of inflammation of the urinary tract and for the expulsion of kidney semolina. Schoenenberger medicinal plants are pure press juices from fresh plants without the addition of sugar, alcohol, preservatives or other, often unwanted fabrics. From fresh birch leaves (Betula Pendula Roth, Betula Pubescens Ehrhart) (1: 2.05 - 2.40).

Schoenenberger Birch Juice - Natural Remedy for Rheumatic Complaints