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3 x Schär Wafers Cacao, 125g

3 x Schär Wafers Cacao, 125g

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Indulge in the sweet and decadent delight that is our Schär Wafers Cacao. With every bite, your senses will be enraptured by the crispness of the waffle paired with the silky smoothness of the fine cocoa cream. The flavors dance and intertwine on your tongue, taking you on a journey of pure bliss.

Our secret recipe combines the highest quality ingredients including coconut oil, lean cocoa powder, and soy flour, all enhanced with sunflower lecithin, sodium hydrogen carbonate and guar nucleus. We understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, that's why our recipe contains rice flour for extra nutrient value.

But our Schär Wafers Cacao is more than just a snack; it's an experience. As you take your first bite, the aroma of cocoa will immediately transport you to a place of serenity and calmness. The smooth and velvety sensation is a treat for your mind and soul, providing you with the perfect moment to unwind and let go of the day's troubles.

Please note that our Schär Wafers Cacao may contain traces of hazelnuts and milk, adding to the delicious complexity of our recipe.

Treat yourself to the pure indulgence that is our Schär Wafers Cacao and savor every moment of this heavenly experience.

Gluten-Free Schär Wafers Cacao - Decadent Snack Delight