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3 x Schär Choco Chip Cookies, 200g

3 x Schär Choco Chip Cookies, 200g

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Indulge in the exquisite delight of Schär Choco Chip Cookies - a romantic blend of flavors that will make your heart flutter with joy. These delicious cookies are gently crafted with the sweetness of palm fat and the richness of corn flour.

But that's not all - every bite is a love affair with the decadent chocolate drops within. Made with cocoa mass and cocoa butter, these drops are enveloped in the tender embrace of soyalecithin and natural aroma.

Each cookie is a testament to the passion and artistry of Schär's masterful bakers. With every bite, you'll fall under the spell of maltodextrin, soy flour, and coconut flakes, woven together in a symphony of flavors.

Let yourself be swept away by the enchanting aroma of Schär Choco Chip Cookies. They're a perfect blend of sweetness and light - with a hint of salt to keep you craving more. And with a possibility of containing traces of milk and lupines, there's even more to explore.

Indulge your senses and let Schär Choco Chip Cookies fill your heart with love and delight. Add them to your cart today and experience the passion in every bite.

Schär Choco Chip Cookies - Exquisite Delight for Your Senses