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Long -lasting, multifaceted color. With the plus on volume and care. Especially gentle. Without peroxides, ammonia or other chemical components. Without synthetic color, fragrance and preservatives. Purely vegetable. Red blonde for light blonde to medium blonde hair.

Sante plant hair color - red blonde, 100g

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Indulge in the pure essence of nature with Sante plant hair color - red blonde, 100g. Experience long-lasting, multifaceted color that amplifies volume and care, without compromising on gentleness. Free from peroxides, ammonia, and all other harmful chemicals, this purely vegetarian product is a plant-based power that will bless your hair with a silky shine, enriched with nourishing goodness.

Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature that will caress your locks with purely natural color and aroma. Without synthetic color, fragrance, or preservatives, Sante plant hair color encapsulates the essence of nature in every strand of hair that it touches.

For the perfect outcome, we highly recommend pre-washing your hair with Sante Shampoo Lava Power with clay. But wait! Your personal dyeing result at the end is deeply personal and highly unique, influenced by your hair color already. Thus we suggest you conduct a small trial in advance to attain the perfect results.

Are you worrying about your gray hair? Fear not! Sante plant hair colors are also suitable for gray hair. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world full of natural goodness and treat your hair to the ultimate bliss. Please do read the instructions for use and take time to experiment with a trial in advance.

Breathe in the pure life and pure essence of beauty with Sante plant hair color.

Sante plant hair color - red blonde, 100g