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Clean gently & gently, without drying out • Freed from dirt and sebum • Removes even make-up reliably • keeps the skin flora in natural balance • delicate foaming cream gel spoils the skin • mild, purely natural fragrance. Probiotics: known for skin -thickening properties.

Sante gentle washing gel, 100ml

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"Indulge in a gentle cleansing experience", "pure and natural fragrance", "skin's natural balance", "skin-thickening qualities", "radiates with health and vitality", "nourishing embrace", "cares for your skin's natural health and beauty", "gentle indulgence", "discover a beautiful side of yourself"

Experience a cleansing ritual like no other with Sante's gentle washing gel. Indulge in the pure and natural fragrance, while the velvety foam engulfs your skin, washing away the impurities, dirt, and make-up without upsetting your skin's natural balance. Enriched with probiotics, this gentle formula is designed to thicken your skin, making it more resilient to everyday stressors.

Immerse yourself in the nourishing embrace of a formula that cares for your skin's natural health and beauty, giving you a complexion that radiates with health and vitality. With just a splash of water, this gentle washing gel transforms into a subtle caress, massaging your skin with love and tenderness.

Use it morning and evening, feel your skin lost in the sensation of the gentle indulgence that Sante's washing gel provides. Rinse it all away with lukewarm water, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead.

Discover a beautiful side of yourself that you never knew existed with Sante's gentle washing gel. Try it now and experience the difference it makes in your skincare routine.

Sante gentle washing gel, 100ml