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Light, fast-moving day and night care for normal to impure skin

Santaverde Cream Light, 30ml

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Looking for a skincare product that will truly deliver on its promises? Look no further than Santaverde Cream Light!

This luxurious cream is formulated with pure, uniquely active ingredient aloe vera juice, which is grown and harvested in Santaverde's own controlled biological cultivation in Andalusia. Unlike other skincare products that use water as their main ingredient, Santaverde harnesses the power of this pure aloe vera juice to create a truly unique effect on the health and beauty of your skin.

Combined with other valuable vegetable oils and extracts, this fine cream provides intensive moisture, while smoothing and keeping your skin's elasticity and smoothness intact. It's the perfect light daily and night care for normal and oily skin.

To use, simply apply the cream evenly to your face, neck, and cleavage after cleansing and toning. Massage it into your skin gently to help it absorb fully.

Experience the true power of natural ingredients with Santaverde Cream Light - your skin will thank you!

Santaverde Cream Light - Natural Aloe Vera Skincare for Radiant Skin