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Sanotint® Reflex Hair tone No. 57 Dark red, 80ml

Sanotint® Reflex Hair tone No. 57 Dark red, 80ml

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Enter the world of Sanotint® Reflex and experience the beauty of No. 57 Dark Red hair tone. This exquisite product is infused with a touch of gold that brings intense shine and bright colors to those who seek to add a touch of passion to their appearance.

The application of this gentle, renewing formula is a breeze. Sanotint® Reflex is free from harmful silicones, parabens, and paraffins, and it also doesn't contain Resorcinol or Ammonia. Simply put, it is a wholesome and well-rounded solution for your hair coloring needs.

The towel-dry hair is the perfect canvas for the Sanotint® Reflex to work its magic. Depending on your hair type, the exposure time can vary between 25-45 minutes. The quicker your hair absorbs the color, the shorter the exposure time can be chosen. For those with color-treated, permanently curly or porous hair, we recommend opting for a shorter exposure time.

Take a moment to try this beauty on for size, and discover whether No. 57 Dark Red can give you the stunning results you desire. Please note, for hair with more than 20% gray content, we recommend using Sanotint® or Sanotint® Sensitive. Mix and match the Sanotint® Reflex tones? Not possible! For crimson shades, the longer the color lingers on your hair, the brighter the result you can expect.

Choose Sanotint® Reflex's No. 57 Dark Red and give yourself the gift of temptation. Let your hair entice, entrance, and captivate. Step into a world of vivid color and striking luster with Sanotint® Reflex.

Sanotint® Reflex Dark Red Hair Tone - Intense Shine & Color