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Sanotint® Hair color No. 25 Mokka, 125ml

Sanotint® Hair color No. 25 Mokka, 125ml

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Indulge in the charm of Mokka, the alluring hair color No. 25 from Sanotint® adorned with the enigmatic aura of gold deer and herbal extracts. With a perfect harmony of nature's finest gifts, this hair color seamlessly combines dyeing and care, rendering your locks with a naturally radiant look and an ethereal silky sheen.

To ensure a perfect match between your innermost desires and the final outcome, Sanotint® understands that every hair strand has a unique structure that reacts distinctively to colors. Unveil its magic with a simple trial that can help you achieve the desired hair color effortlessly. And with Sanotint®, a perfect concoction can be created using just a small quantity.

As with any new hair color, a skin detention test is essential before proceeding. Let your imagination run wild and shield your clothes with an old towel. A light hair wash before coloring is recommended only if your tresses are heavily soiled, oily or laden with styling products. Apply the color mixture with the Sanotint® brush to towel-dry hair and let it sit for 30 minutes for a single application.

For perfect highlights on your roots or to cover any small gray areas, reduce the exposure time by 10 minutes. Replicate the same for the lengths and tips, and increase the exposure time by another 10 minutes. Create an enchanting experience by covering your hair with a film and an old towel during this period.

Wash the color carefully with lukewarm water after the exposure time and indulge in the gentle embrace of Sanotint® Color Protection Shampoo. Foster your hair's radiance and indulgence by using Sanotint® Revitalization Balm. The revitalization balm helps contain the vibrancy and shine with a touch of elegance and impeccable composure.

Choose to remain enigmatic by leaving the Sanotint® Revitalization Balm on, or rinse it out after a short exposure time to reveal its wholesome glow. Submit to the spellbinding aromas of Sanotint® No. 25 Mokka, the natural key to eternal beauty, and let it fill your heart with sensations of unparalleled warmth and demure grace.

Sanotint® Hair Color No. 25 Mokka - Natural Radiance and Shine