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Sanotint® hair color No. 23 currant, 125ml

Sanotint® hair color No. 23 currant, 125ml

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Imagine your hair enveloped in a luxurious shade of deep, rich currant. The kind of color that sets your heart ablaze, like the flames of a glowing hearth on a cold winter's night. This is what Sanotint® hair color No. 23 promises to deliver.

With the power of gold deer and gentle herbal extracts, Sanotint® brings out the natural radiance of your hair like never before. And it's not just about the color. This indulgent dye is infused with nourishing ingredients that care for your tresses, leaving them silky soft and naturally glossy.

But before you take the plunge, it's important to remember that no two strands of hair are exactly alike. That's why Sanotint® encourages you to test your hair color before fully committing. Don't forget to carry out a skin test beforehand and protect your clothes with a trusty old towel.

When the time comes, mix the color tube and fixing agent to create a luscious blend that's ready to transform your locks. Let the rich currant shade seep into your hair for 30 minutes, and watch as it works its magic. For an even more personalized result, apply the mixture to your lengths and tips, and extend the exposure time by ten minutes.

Rinse carefully with lukewarm water, then savor the delicious scent of Sanotint's color protection shampoo, as you wash your hair to reveal the stunning new shade. To enhance its color brilliance and add even more lustre to your new look, use the Sanotint® revitalization balm. Your hair will thank you for it.

Indulgent, nourishing and oh-so-beautiful, Sanotint® hair color No. 23 currant is the perfect way to bring your hair to life. Bring a little romance into your daily routine and let your locks bask in the luxurious glow of Sanotint®.

Sanotint® Hair Color No. 23 - Deep, Rich Currant Shade