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Sanery Inulin

Sanery inulin, 250g

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Inulin is a natural and slightly sweet-tasting fiber from the chicory root, which can compensate for a lack of fiber in the diet. Like all fiber in the intestine, inulin cannot be enzymatically digested, but is metabolized by the bacteria of the intestinal flora. Low -fat dishes are particularly creamy by adding inulin. Inulin is also ideal for baking. Replace 10 % of the specified flour with inulin. You increase the fiber content and also receive beautiful, loose baked goods. Ballasting from the chicorée root jeo 1-2 tablespoons of inulin (approx. 10-20 g) every day, e.g. consumed in fruit, milk shakes, yoghurt, curd or muesli. In addition, you should absorb enough liquid. Inulin.

Sanery Inulin - Natural Chicory Root Fiber for Creamy Dishes and Baked Goods