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Konjak-Glucomannan can bind a lot of water, swells a lot in the stomach and delays gastric emptying. This can cause a feeling of satiety that makes it easier to hold out a low -calorie, weight reducing diet. Feelings of hunger are then reduced in a natural way and less calories consumption overall

Sanatura Konjak, 130g

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Put 1 g of a sewera konjak (1/2 painted TL) in a glass 3 times a day about 30 minutes before a meal and pour in breastfeeding water with approx. 200 ml. Stir well and drink immediately. We recommend drinking another glass of liquid so that Konjak-Glucomannan can get into the stomach and swell well. Notes: If the swallowing problems already exist or in the case of inadequate fluid supply, there is risk of suffocation. Konjak root extract (glucomannan).

Sanatura Konjak Root Extract for Effective Weight Loss and Digestion