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Salus tea workshop - mixed with love. The Spitzwegerich greets every day - sun -drenched meadow herbs. Inspired by Constanze, Marion and Kristina (participants in the Salus Tea workshop).

2 x Salus® tea workshop Wieskönigin Bio 15FB, 30g

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Indulge in the regal taste of Salus® tea workshop Wieskönigin Bio 15FB, 30g. The "meadow queen" reigns over her sun-kissed domain, offering you a blend of Spitzwegenich and lemon-fresh herbs. The refreshing notes of this organic tea will leave you revitalized and invigorated. Salus® Tea Workshop takes pride in preserving the valuable and fleeting ingredients of this herbal blend. Each sip is infused with the essence of nature, encapsulated in a reel of sublime taste. Reign over your taste buds with the Wieskönigin Bio 15FB, 30g tea, fit for a queen. Try it today and experience the lushness of the meadow like never before!

Salus® Wieskönigin Bio Tea: Revitalizing Blend of Lemon-Fresh Herbs