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Basic and tasty for diet and fasting cure

2 x Salus® specialty for the Ms. Fastentee Bio 15FB, 27G

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Introducing the Ms. Fastentee Bio 15FB and 27G by Salus®, a herbal tea specially crafted for women. This powerful blend contains a combination of herbs, fruits and spices that have been known for centuries for their beneficial effects on the body.

Salus® has taken this knowledge and created a unique tea series for various phases of life, including this fast tea that is perfect for covering fluid requirements during diets and weight loss programs. With its refreshing taste of mint and lemongrass, this fast tea not only supports weight loss, but also ensures overall wellbeing and vitality.

The Ms. Fastentee Bio 15FB and 27G is specifically designed to support women's health, making it the ideal accompaniment to your fasting or diet program. Its valuable and fleeting ingredients are protected by a leverage to ensure their potency and effectiveness.

Take the first step towards a healthier you with Salus®' Ms. Fastentee Bio 15FB and 27G. Order yours today and experience the incredible benefits of this herbal tea specialty for women.

Salus® Ms. Fastentee Bio 15FB & 27G: Herbal Tea for Women