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For bones and cartilage, muscles and connective tissue with the vitamins C, D3 and manganese plus 5 g rosehip drying mass per daily dose plus selected herbs

Salus® Salusan® Ortho Bio-Hagebutten-Tonikum, 500ml

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A healthy musculoskeletal system is a prerequisite for quality of life at all ages. Healthy cartilage, bones, muscles as well as connective tissue and collagenous structures, which, among other things, give tendons and tapes their tensile strength are part of this complex system. A sufficient gentle movement and a healthy diet can make an important contribution to this. Salusan Ortho Bio-Hagebutten-Tonikum is based on a valuable wild fruit herb mixture in organic quality and also provides important nutrients that support our body in a variety of ways. Vitamin C and manganese also support a healthy energy metabolism. The excerpt from rose hips, nettles, devil claw, ginger, juniper berries, green oats, spinach and box, together with valuable rosehip puree and rosehip juice concentrate, creates the basis for the comfort. Acerola juice concentrate contains natural vitamin C. The natural manganese comes from the ravine. Devil roots*, juniper berries*, green oatmeal*, spinach*, horsetail cabbage*), rosehip juice concentrate*(17 %), water, acerola juice concentrate*(4 %), rosebead shell powder*(1 %), cholecalciferol*(vitamin D).

Salus® Salusan® Ortho Bio-Hagebutten-Tonikum - Healthy Musculoskeletal Support