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Fruit spice tea with a sweet forest berries taste and fine cinnamon note. A winter fairy tale from Eastern Europe.

2 x Salus® polar magic fruit-spiced tea organic 15 fb, 30g

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Particularly popular fairytale figures, about which many imaginative stories are told in the icy cold Nordic winter, are fathers Frost and his companion of snowflakes. Not Christ Child or Nicholas bring the gifts from the Carpathians to the Arctic Circle, but the old, wise man with his long, white beard as well as a large icicles as a hiking stick and his young companion. Together they travel on New Year's Eve on a reindeer sled from the North Pole and have many surprises with them. We have devoted this special fruit-spiced tea with "fathers frost" and "snowflake" with forest berry taste and fine cinnamon grade, which warms up wonderfully when it is really cold outside. Of course, in the best bio quality. Valuable, fleeting ingredients of the tea and natural flavors are protected by a reel. Aroma plant origin; Without microbiological and enzymatic methods produced hibiscus flowers*, rosehip shells*, cinnamon*(14 %), apples*, blueberries*(10 %), elderberries*, natural red fruits aroma*, honeybush branches*, currants black*, cloves*.

Salus® Polar Magic Fruit-Spiced Tea - Organic Nordic Winter Blend