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2 x Salus® nerve-calming tea No. 22 Bio 15FB, 24G

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Introducing the Salus® nerve-calming tea No. 22 Bio, a vegan and gluten-free tea packed with natural ingredients that will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace. Each tea bag (1.6 g) contains active ingredients of 0.40 g hop pencil*, 0.32 g lavender blossoms*, and 0.48 g milking leaves*, which have been meticulously handpicked to ensure the highest quality.

This tea is not only a delectable treat to the senses, but it also contains additional components such as bitter fennel*, chamomile blossom*, SHABERKRAUT*, anis*, and Hagebuttenschellen*, which further enhance its calming properties. Each sip delivers a wave of soothing sensations that will transport your mind and body to a state of tranquility.

Our Salus® nerve-calming tea No. 22 Bio comes in a pack of 15 filter bags, each containing 24 g of this wonderful blend. Its ingredients are obtained from nature and are free from agro-genetics, ensuring that you only consume the best that nature has to offer.

Take a break from your busy schedule and indulge in this exquisite tea. It will help you to relax, unwind and leave all your stress behind. Add the Salus® nerve-calming tea No. 22 Bio to your cart today and take the first step towards a more peaceful, stress-free life.

Salus® Nerve-Calming Tea No. 22 Bio - Relaxation in a Cup