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With refreshing, spicy mountain herbs. For summit strikers. With refreshing, spicy mountain herbs large pack

Salus® my favorite bergkräu.-tee Bio 40FB, 72g

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Looking for a delicious and healthy tea to enjoy anytime of the day? Look no further than Salus® my favorite bergkräu.-tee Bio 40FB!

This tasty and refreshing tea is perfect for tea lovers of all ages, and is made with only the finest ingredients for a truly exceptional taste. It's naturally gluten-free, and contains a blend of Spitzwegenich leaves, yarrow herb, rosebead shells, quendel herb, Eibisch leaves, elderflower, thyme coach, peppermint leaves, Eber root, and cowslip flowers.

With no caffeine, this tea is perfect for a relaxing afternoon break or a soothing way to end the day. So why not try Salus® my favorite bergkräu.-tee Bio 40FB today and experience the delicious and invigorating taste of this amazing herbal tea for yourself!

Salus® Organic Herbal Tea - Delicious and Healthy Bergkräu.-tee