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Fine and spicy and fresh for balance

2 x Salus® menopause Bio 15 FB, 27G

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The beneficial influence of individual herbs on the female organism is already reported in old writings. This tried and tested knowledge of herbs, fruits and spices flowed into the development of the tea series of Salus "herbal tea specialties for women". For every phase of a woman's life, tea compositions were created that are adapted to the respective needs. The menopause tea ensures natural well -being during all phases of menopause. The organic herbal tea tastes fine-spicy of rosemary, fresh and fruity according to lemon. Valuable, fleeting ingredients of the tea are protected by a reel. Red clover and herb*, female mantle herb*, milking leaves*, rosemary leaves*(11 %), blackberry leaves* , Lemon verbs leaves*(6 %), yarrow herb*, lavender blossoms*.

Salus Menopause Tea: Natural Well-being During Menopause