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Basically from monastery medicine, to support the natural metabolism

2 x Salus® Kur tea monastery herb tea Bio 15 FB, 30g

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Until the Middle Ages, the extensive knowledge of so -called folk medicine was collected and written down almost exclusively in the monasteries. The medical care was also largely in the hands of healed nuns and monks, which had a lot of experience in dealing with various herbs and set up the first pharmacies at that time. With the well -known abbess and visionary Hildegard von Bingen, monastery medicine reached its peak in the 12th century. Your healing work not only contains many recipes, but also shows an astonishing holistic worldview. For this extraordinary herbal tea series, particularly proven monastery herbs were put together with delicious, soothing tea specialties. The spa tea tastes fresh of mint and ensures a spicy-round herbal enjoyment. Anis, nanamine, coriander and ginger support the natural metabolism. Valuable, fleeting ingredients of the tea and natural flavors are protected by a reel. ), Dandelion leaves*, liquorice root*, yysopkraut*.

Salus® Kur Tea Monastery Herb Tea - Holistic Herbal Enjoyment