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Potassium chlorate

2 x Salus® herbal tea with Schüßler salt No. 4 15FB, 30g

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Indulge in the perfect blend of nature and science with Salus® herbal tea with Schüßler salt No. 4. This exquisite tea is a combination of birch leaves and quendula herb along with the specially selected Schüßler salt No. 4-potassium chlorate.

Savor the true tea enjoyment and let the natural ingredients work their magic while you take a moment to unwind with a cup of Salus® tea. Each sip will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed, thanks to the unique blend of herbs and Schüßler salts.

Salus® is trusted for its impeccable quality and use of only the finest herbal ingredients. The herbs and fruits are hand-picked and blended with precision to create the perfect flavor and experience. What's more, the fleeting and precious ingredients of the tea are protected by the perfect packaging.

Experience the ultimate in natural goodness with Salus® herbal tea with Schüßler salt No. 4. Also available with other selected Schüßler salts, this tea is perfect for those who truly appreciate the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. Indulge in a cup today and enjoy a moment of pure and natural bliss.

Salus® Herbal Tea with Schüßler Salt No. 4 - Natural Goodness