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Calm nerves = healthy sleep. In the case of nervous excitement and falling asleep

2 x Salus® Gutnacht® herbal tea No. 33 15 FB, 27G

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Introducing Salus® Gutnacht® herbal tea No. 33, a natural and herbal blend designed to soothe and relax your mind and body at the end of a long day. This premium tea is vegan, gluten-free, and free of agro-genetically engineered ingredients, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a healthy and natural way to unwind.

Each filter bag contains a carefully crafted blend of active ingredients to help you achieve a peaceful night's sleep. Valerian root, lemon balm leaves, and passion flower herb work together to promote relaxation, while peppermint leaves provide a refreshing and invigorating flavor.

In addition to these powerful herbs, the tea also contains camomile blossoms, licorice cure, anise, and rosehip shells. These ingredients have been selected for their ability to aid digestion and support overall well-being.

Salus® Gutnacht® herbal tea No. 33 is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed hot or cold. With 15 filter bags per box, you can enjoy this delicious and soothing tea for days to come. Whether you're looking to wind down before bed or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation, this herbal tea is the perfect addition to your evening routine. Order now and experience the calming benefits of Salus® Gutnacht® herbal tea No. 33.

Salus® Gutnacht® Herbal Tea No. 33 - Promote relaxation and peaceful sleep