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With fine lemon pieces. Without caffeine (tea). Salus quality since 1916.

2 x Salus® green rooibos peach-lemon bio 15fB organic, 30g

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Green rooibos peach lemon unfolds its fruity-sweet aromas in every single cup of tea. The lemon pieces and the taste according to peach give the mild green rooibos a taste of a taste. Incidentally, the green rooibos comes from the same plant as rooibos and is dried immediately after the Erntesegen. A fresh herbal tea is created that is the perfect basis for a fruity variation with peach and lemon. Also taste the sun of Africa with all other Rooibos teas from Salus. Rooibos-or also called Rotbusch-grows on small organic farms and is an exclusive specialty from South Africa. Apples*, natural peach aroma*.

Salus® Green Rooibos Peach-Lemon Herbal Tea - Organic and Fruity