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Sideritis Scardica Mild-Würzig enjoyment from the sunny mountains of Greece

Salus® Greek mountain tea organic, 40g

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Experience the taste of the stunning Greek sunshine with Salus® Greek Mountain Tea. This premium organic tea is hand-picked from the picturesque mountains of Greece, at the foot of the majestic Mount Olympus. This ensures that not only does it capture the essence of this beautiful region, but it also comes from ecological agriculture, preserving the natural game stocks.

Salus® Greek mountain tea is made from Sideritis Scardica, a plant that's been recognised for its bioactive properties for generations. Besides essential oils, this plant contains numerous flavonoids and tannins that offer various health benefits.

From every cup of our Salus® Greek mountain tea, you'll get a unique fusion of the plant's pleasant taste and the warm Greek sunshine. It's great for any time of day and perfect for making your guests feel extra special. Every 40g pack of Salus® Greek Mountain Tea is hand-packed by our expert team at the Wendelstein workshops - this means that every pack has our seal of quality.

Experience the true taste of Greece today with Salus® Greek Mountain Tea. Sip away and bring back fond memories of the breathtaking views and serene atmosphere of the Greek mountains every time.

Salus® Greek Mountain Tea - Organic Herbal Tea from Greece