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For liver, bile, stomach and intestine, liver gallery stimulates and promotes the gastrointestinal function without alcohol

2 x Salus® Gallexier® herbal bitter elixir, 60ml

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Say goodbye to upset stomachs and digestive discomfort with Salus® Gallexier® Herbal Bitter Elixir – the natural solution for digestive wellness! This powerful elixir is made with a unique blend of herbs that will leave your digestive system feeling happy and healthy.

What sets Salus® Gallexier® apart is its commitment to your well-being. It's alcohol-free, gluten-free, and contains no artificial substances, making it a safe and effective choice for those seeking a natural way to support their digestive health. You can trust that every ingredient in this elixir is carefully selected to provide maximum effectiveness.

With each 10 ml serving, you get a potent mix of artichoke leaves, encroaching, curcuma root, dandelion blast with root, ginger root stick, yarrow herb, bitter fennel fruits, chamomile flowers, bitter orange shells, Benedictive herb, bitter clover leaves, cardamoma fruits, and wormwood – all working together to soothe your digestive system.

The careful extraction process ensures that the active herbal ingredients are concentrated at a ratio of 1:10.6-13.0, so you can be confident in its efficacy. Plus, the addition of a delicious fructose sweetener makes it a pleasure to take.

Whether you find yourself prone to digestive discomfort or simply want to support your digestive system naturally, Salus® Gallexier® is the ideal choice for you. Experience the benefits of this powerful elixir and take control of your digestive wellness today!

2 x Salus® Gallexier® herbal bitter elixir, 60ml