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Herbal capsules with acerola vitamin C for the energy metabolism metabolism.

Salus® Freetox® Gerstengrass Birke Bio 40 KPS, 14G

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Other recipe components per daily dose (2 kps) barley grass powder 70 mg birch leaf powder 70 mg baobab fruit powder 70 mg artichoke dry extract 69 mg green tea dry extract 63 mg of nettle leaf powder 40 mg spirulin powder 40 mgal alcohol-free, lacto-free, vegan hydroxypropylated older (chapel) ), Barley grass powder*(9.8 %), birch leaf powder*(9.8 %), Baobab fruit meat*, artichoke drying extract*, green tea-dry extract*, nettle leaves powder*, spirulin powder*.

Salus Freetox Gerstengrass Birke Bio 40 KPS - 14G