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Warming with ginger

Salus® Fastentee No. 2 Bio 40 FB, 72g

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Introducing Salus® Fastentee No.2 Bio - the perfect companion for all your diet and fasting needs! Developed in collaboration with fasting experts, this herbal tea recipe is designed to support your general well-being and help cover your fluid requirements during fasting and weight-loss programs.

Crafted with a blend of valuable basic herbs and a touch of ginger for that gentle sharpness, this fasting tea will warm you up from the inside, providing you with the much-needed nourishment your body craves during fasting. And the best part? It's 100% vegan, without agro-genetic engineering, and naturally gluten-free!

The Salus® Fastentee No.2 Bio is specifically designed to complement your diet or fasting regime, ensuring that you stay on track without compromising on taste or nutrition. The goldenwrite*, birch leaves*, anise fruits*, fennel fruits bitter*, quendel herb*, ginger root*(8%), cinnamon bark(Cumarin arm)*, heather*, caraway fruits*, and juniper berries* in our tea blend work together to keep you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, making your fasting experience not just successful, but truly enjoyable too.

So why wait? Try Salus® Fastentee No.2 Bio today and feel the difference!

Salus® Fastentee No.2 Bio - Herbal Tea for Fasting & Weight Loss