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Ideal addition to any diet or fasting cure

2 x Salus® Fastentee 7 herbs organic, 50g

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Looking for a refreshing and organic addition to your fasting routine or daily diet? Look no further than Salus® Fastentee 7 herbs organic! Made with a blend of hand-picked ingredients including calming peppermint leaves, real goldenwrit herb, zesty lemongrass, detoxifying birch leaves, nutrient-rich green oatmeal, energizing mate blades, delicate cornflower blossom, and fragrant Marigold flowers, this herb mixture is the perfect complement to any health-conscious lifestyle.

What's more, this vegan tea blend is completely free from any added aroma substances or agro-genetics, making it the natural choice for anyone looking for a clean and delicious beverage. And with a convenient 50g package size, it's easy to enjoy the benefits of Salus®'s Fastentee 7 herbs organic wherever you go. So why wait? Treat yourself to the refreshing taste and health-boosting benefits of this organic tea today!

Salus® Fastentee 7 Herbs Organic: Refreshing Detox Tea Blend